Start testing Bacula Enterprise Edition with our Trial Kickstart and see for yourself why Enterprise Open Core products are superior to proprietary solutions

For disk and tape backup solutions in both physical and virtual environments. Enjoy an easy and fast installation process of the full version of Bacula Enterprise Edition with the Trial Kickstart!

With the Trial Kickstart, you are able to install Bacula Enterprise Edition within 30 minutes and start to evaluate its great capabilities in your own environment right away!

You can test the main software features on all supported OS.

The Trial Kickstart also gives you access to our Global Endpoint Deduplication™ as well as our VSS plugin (for MSSQL, Exchange and System State).

You can manage the configuration either with BWeb Management Suite or with the bconsole command-line.

The Trial Kickstart is based on CentOS Linux distribution and can be installed on physical or virtual machines.

With this Kickstart, we also offer a guide with basic scenarios to allow you to be introduced easily and smoothly with Bacula Enterprise Edition.

To check the power and the ability of Bacula Enterprise Edition, download the Trial Kickstart here:

If you need to use other plugins, we also offer the possibility to test our solution via the Try & Buy offer; this testing method allows you to test our software and technical support during a period of 1 month, to then continue to use it for the next 11 months, all under the normal subscription umbrella. One main advantage of the Try & Buy offer is that you don’t need to re-install the Bacula Enterprise Edition infrastructure after the test, hence you can continue as it is set up to use it in your production environment.

To go with the Try & Buy offer, please contact us.

Please note: To provide our users with the best possible out-of-the-box experience, this trial edition is shipped with a pre-configured SQLite database. This database is not meant to be used in a production environment nor is it comparable to an enterprise-grade database server. If your installation shows some performance issues during testing, please contact us to discuss your requirements.