Bacula Enterprise Products

Bacula Enterprise Edition

Bacula Enterprise Edition brings modern, highly stable, scalable backup and restore to the Enterprise. Thousands of organizations worldwide have adopted Bacula Enterprise in mission-critical environments thanks to its modern, modular and multi-threaded design.

Bacula Enterprise Plugins

Bacula Enterprise Edition is enhanced by a set of exclusive plugins that further increase the interoperability, power, flexibility and functionality of Bacula Enterprise Edition into a wide range of  IT environments such as Enterprise, Data Centers, Managed Service Providers or Cloud.

BWeb Management Suite

For IT environments with large amounts of servers and clients, graphical representation of data becomes crucial in being able to quickly spot problems, see unwanted trends or recognize sub-optimal configurations. BWeb Management Suite is a web-based program that helps you to quickly configure, get statistics, monitor, visualize and analyze your Bacula data, and then make instantly the appropriate adjustments.