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Welcome to the Bacula Enterprise Edition Trial Kickstart!

The Trial Kickstart brings you a fully ready Bacula Enterprise Edition environment to test its features as well as BWeb Management Suite – our Web graphical tool to manage your backup infrastructure. Six scenarios from the Trial Kickstart Guide will allow you – through BConsole and BWeb Management Suite – to back up and restore data with some plugins. If you want to test additional plugins, listed on our website, please contact our Sales Team at sales@baculasystems.com.

Test Bacula Enterprise Edition with the Trial Kickstart Guide

To make a successful start to your test, please read the Trial Kickstart Guide. It will help you to prepare the test infrastructure, to install Bacula Enterprise Edition as well as to run some backup and restore jobs through six different scenarios. You will also find some guidance on how to install File Daemon agents on Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and RHEL systems.

Obviously, you are not limited to the scenarios in the Trial Kickstart Guide and you can check Bacula Enterprise Edition’s numerous features and configuration possibilities in the Main Bacula Manual (Access to the specific Bacula Enterprise Edition manual is limited to Bacula Systems’ subscribers. Please contact sales@baculasystems.com for more information)

The most interesting introductory sections are:

You will also find three White Papers related to specific features:

  • The Global Endpoint Deduplication™ plugin, to help you test the Bacula Enterprise Edition deduplication feature on both the Storage Deamon side and the File Daemon side (the agent).
  • The MSSQL plugin, showing how to back up and restore your MSSQL databases.
  • The VSS plugin, giving you instructions on how to take a snapshot of your Windows system state.


The Trial Kickstart offers your the possibility to test Bacula Enterprise Edition features in your own environment as well as some plugins. If you want to know more about other plugins or if you need support access to configure and test Bacula Enterprise Edition, please contact us at sales@baculasystems.com to discuss other options. The Trial Kickstart is limited to 30 days.