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Partner program FAQ


Q –

Who should join the Bacula Systems Partner Program ?


The Partner Program has been designed to satisfy the needs of many local and global ISV’s, OEM’s, and system integrators, be they local companies providing personalised service to the enterprise, or international software and service vendors providing applications and software distributions.

Q –

Is the Partner Program for me ?


  • Is your business one that delivers IT solutions to businesses and you want to provide Bacula support as a part of your offering?
  • Do you deliver backup solutions, provide consultancy, or technical support to your customers?
  • Do you, or are you planning to provide backup education to other companies through classroom sessions?
  • Are you an ISV providing applications that would be complemented by including Open Source backup?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the above, then we would like to invite you to join the Bacula Systems Partner Program.

If you do not feel the above questions fit your situation, then we would suggest that you look at the Bacula Systems Certified Training Program which is specially designed for individuals and businesses that are developing their knowledge of Bacula for other business reasons. This training certification is the perfect way to demonstrate that you have professional-level technical knowledge of Bacula.

Q –

What benefits I can expect from joining the Program ?


The benefits are varied and comprehensive, but can be simplified into the following areas:

  • Official certification and recognition from Bacula Systems
  • Access to Bacula Systems SA’s support network, both for you and your registered customer
  • Discounts on Bacula Systems Subscriptions and services
  • Co- marketing initiatives that generate leads directly for your business growth
  • Sales and Marketing tools to support your sales representatives
  • Account support where needed to support your sales representatives

Q –

Which Bacula Systems services can a Bacula Systems Partner sell ?


Bacula Systems Certified Partners are allowed to resell all Bacula Systems services.

Q –

Which Partner level should I apply for ?


The Bacula Systems Partner Program has been designed so that there are easily accessible levels for companies who do business on a small, medium and large scale. Your choice should primarily be led by the support levels you need to offer your clients.
There are different requirements for the different Partner levels, but the major qualification is the level of training successfully completed by your staff. For our Training Partners we will focus the number of people that you have trained, or are have committed to train.

Q –

Do I qualify for the Partner Program if I am not a commercial company ?


The Partner Program is really focused on developing businesses using Bacula to deliver solutions to customers problems. If you are a charity, an NGO or another non-profit organisation, with skills and experience in Bacula, please contact us to see how best we can help you.
If you are an individual starting off a business and providing valuable local support, then please register as a Bacula User, and see how we can help you drive your business forward.
For those developing their skills in Bacula technology, or contributing to the Bacula project through writing code or helping with documentation and translations, we would suggest that becoming certified through the Certified Professional Program is a worthwhile objective. Becoming a Bacula Systems Certified Professional will greatly enhance your recognition in both the community and in the commercial world.

Q –

I am already a Partner; how do I access the Bacula Systems Partner Zone ?


Immediately the Partner conditions are fulfilled, you will be given a user name and password to access Bacula’s full Partner support team and materials.

Q –

How can I submit a Success Story?


Share your Bacula success stories with us by submitting success story proposals to Bacula Systems for consideration. Proposals selected by Bacula Systems will be developed into formal success stories which may be promoted by Bacula Systems and the Partner through various publicity channels. You can submit your customer references via the Bacula Systems Partner Zone, visit the home page and click on “Submit customer references”.

Q –

If I would like to move forwards, what do I do next ?


Click here and register your interest. We will then get back to you and we can discuss how we proceed. Further questions? Please direct them to our Partner Helpdesk Email: partner_helpdesk _at_ baculasystems.com (Please replace _at_ by @ sign)