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Bacula Systems – a smart, stable and innovative company in a modern world.

Our Customers Are Smart. Our business model is modern and effective. And the ROI of our customers speaks for itself.

When it comes to backup and recovery, large data centers and MSPs are shifting to a more reliable, stable and secure company. A company that is agile and responsive to its customers. A product that has undergone the testing and appraisal that results from over 3 million community downloads. That company is Bacula Systems.

Our competitors have tried calling us a ‘startup with scarce resources’. However, our customers know the truth, with their return on investment speaking for itself.


Most other vendors try to charge data centers outrageous sums of money, based on data volume. Bacula Systems offers a better choice:

  • Bacula Systems is owned by its own management – not distracted by buyouts, mergers and takeovers.
  • Bacula Systems is not too large a company. As a result, we are agile, responsive and committed!
  • Are we short on resources? No. We have an entire open source community behind us, and the bullet-proof code testing that comes from the users of over 3 million downloads.
  • Bacula Systems is a Swiss company: stable, secure and reliable.
  • Bacula Systems does not charge for data volume.

Bacula Systems’ customer base consists of high-profile data centers and MSPs who need true value from their backup and data recovery vendor. So why Do High Profile Companies Choose Bacula Systems?


  • Simply Better Software:
    Massively scalable
    Very high quality code
    Innovation through OSS Community
    State-of-the-art security
  • Flexible to work with:
    A Single View of the Architecture
    Customers deal with (friendly) experts
    Customized solutions – every customer counts
  • Outstanding Support:
    Every support team member is a senior expert
    Customer retention rate is 96%
    Customers acknowledge our higher support standard
  • Better Value – a unique pricing model:
    Zero License Fees (no multi-tiers)
    No data volume charge
    Simple Pricing
    No IT department audits
  • A Stable Company:
    We are management-owned
    Bacula Systems is profitable
    Experienced management and leadership
    Bacula Systems executes well. We don’t rest until a customer is satisfied

Smart MSPs and data centers backup and restore their data with Bacula Enterprise and are free to backup any amount of data they want.


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