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Thiago Salese
Operations Analyst at the Core Team Backup, Locaweb
«Bacula Systems offered us a robust and cost efficient backup solution that we find is really solid and reliable. As a result, we use it throughout our entire data center.»

The Challenge

The Locaweb team was looking for an open core backup solution for its Linux servers and began testing Bacula’s Community version. The solution needed to be very stable and extremely reliable in both a Windows and Linux server environment, even when pushed really hard with large data sets. Tired of paying unrealistic prices from its current provider, Locaweb was looking to migrate from Backup Exec to a more modern, high-value solution.

The Solution

“Bacula Systems offered us a robust and cost-efficient backup solution that we find is really solid and reliable. As a result, we now use it throughout our entire data center.” reported Thiago Salese, Operations Analyst at Locaweb. Bacula was deployed into servers with 24GB of ram and 16 processors, with 4 network interfaces (backup, database, storage and admin). There are 375 TB of (compressed) data being transferred every week using PostgreSQL databases. Additionally, Locaweb use the Bacula Systems System State plugin on Windows Servers. Locaweb generally considers all other data as straightforward data, meaning that it does not use the Postgre or MSSQL plugins. Instead, dumps are generated from the databases and backed up as normal data.

Locaweb being a very important MSP, the technical team decided to adopt a step by step approach with the backup  plan hence it took about eighteen months for the complete migration from Backup Exec to Bacula Enterprise, including storage configuration, database tuning, tests and studies on various Bacula versions. This time period also involved comprehensive network adaptations, configuration and installation via CFEengine, development of an admin interface, migration, monitoring and documentation.

The Results

“Comparing the price quotation of other competitor backup solutions, we would have had to pay nearly double the cost of Bacula Enterprise” said Mr Salese. “Now we are planning on using Bacula’s data deduplication in the future, to improve storage utilization”. Locaweb now have a high-end enterprise network backup solution while also receiving fast, professional and responsive support from Bacula Systems’ team of experts.

About Locaweb

Locaweb is leader in web hosting and infrastructure services in Brazil and Latin America. With fourteen years of experience and 18 thousand developers and partners, Locaweb offers software solutions (SaaS), platform (PaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS). Today, Locaweb has more than 200 thousand clients, 400 thousand active websites ( and 2 million email accounts.

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