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Windows binaries for community users

Dear community user, thank you for your interest in our Windows binaries.

As a service to the community, our company is offering its Windows Enterprise binaries at a price that is designed to simply cover the costs in producing and distributing those binaries. These binaries are intended for companies and professional use: see download below. For personal use only, it is possible to download these binaries from www.bacula.org 

These Windows binaries are for version 7.4 of community version and allow you to continue using community version, while better integrating your Windows environment. They are related to community File Daemons only (Storage Daemon and Director binaries for Windows are not available). An installer is available for both 32 and 64 bit machines. In purchasing a license you will be able to download your Bacula Windows binaries (32/64) for a period of 3 months. During this time, if there are additional releases, you may also download them. The license gives you the right to use the downloaded Windows binaries with the community version. This is a one time license fee that allows you to continue using the downloaded Windows binaries for as long as you respect the terms of the license. After the 3 month download period, if you want an updated Bacula Windows version, you will need to purchase a new license.

Technical support for these binaries is provided only via the bacula.org community web site.


Important note: Bacula Systems Subscription customers have direct access to Windows binaries and support is directly provided by Bacula Systems.

Windows Binaries Price List (VAT incl.)
1 – 9 Windows machines to be backed up €20/US$25/CHF25
10 – 49 Windows machines to be backed up €50/US$60/CHF60
50 – 249 Windows machines to be backed up €150/US$180/CHF180
249 – 1000 Windows machines to be backed up €250/US$300/CHF300
1000+ Windows machines to be backed up €500/US$600/CHF600


Purchase the Bacula Windows binaries

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