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Restore a Microsoft SQL server database in a Windows client using the VSS Plugin via Bweb Management Suite


In order to restore the database AdventureWorksDW please follow this short procedure:

  1. From the main page click on Jobs, "Web Restore" and choose the client:
  2. Select the MSSQL backup job executed on scenario 8:
  3. Drag the database to the "Restore Selection Area" at the bottom right:
  4. Set the name of the new database to restoreAdvWorks and click on "Run Restore"
  5. The restore log must indicate if the database was correctly restored and if further action is necessary:

    2019-12-16 12:07:55 bacula-enterprise-trial-dir JobId 2: Start Restore Job Restore.2019-12-16_12.07.53_15
    2019-12-16 12:07:55 bacula-enterprise-trial-dir JobId 2: Restoring files from JobId(s) 1
    2019-12-16 12:07:56 bacula-enterprise-trial-dir JobId 2: Using Device "DedupAutochanger_Dev1" to read.
    2019-12-16 12:07:56 bacula-enterprise-trial-sd JobId 2: Ready to read from volume "DedupVol-0001" on File device "DedupAutochanger_Dev1" (/mnt/bacula/dedup/volumes).
    2019-12-16 12:07:56 bacula-enterprise-trial-sd JobId 2: Forward spacing Volume "DedupVol-0001" to addr=282
    2019-12-16 12:08:03 bacula-enterprise-trial-sd JobId 2: Elapsed time=00:00:07, Transfer rate=1.245 M Bytes/second
    2019-12-16 12:08:06 win-mssql-fd JobId 2: VSS plugin start restore Job.
    2019-12-16 12:08:29 bacula-enterprise-trial-dir JobId 2: Bacula Enterprise bacula-enterprise-trial-dir 12.0.2 (26Aug19):
    Build OS: x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu-bacula-enterprise redhat Enterprise release
    JobId: 2
    Job: Restore.2019-12-16_12.07.53_15
    Restore Client: win-mssql-fd
    Where: restoreAdvWorks
    Replace: Never
    Start time: 16-Dec-2019 12:07:55
    End time: 16-Dec-2019 12:08:29
    Elapsed time: 34 secs
    Files Expected: 4
    Files Restored: 4
    Bytes Restored: 8,716,710 (8.716 MB)
    Rate: 256.4 KB/s
    FD Errors: 0
    FD termination status: OK
    SD termination status: OK
    Termination: Restore OK2019-12-16 12:08:32 win-fd JobId 2: Database was restored: Database: restoreAdvWorks, creation date(time): 2019/08/19(21:25:07), first LSN: 61:271:37, last LSN: 61:287:1, number of dump devices: 1, device information: (FILE=1, TYPE=VIRTUAL_DEVICE: {'{B5A8E7E4-C2E2-48E7-9F6D-037C05AA3D0A}'}). Informational message. No user action required.


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