bigstock-Pdf-file-download-icon-40113709-620x620 This no-nonsense whitepaper gets straight to the point, and gives an insight into the considerations and processes required to implement a backup strategy of VMware using vSphere with Bacula Enterprise Edition. The paper also ensures you understand precisely how to do Single File Recovery from backups made with Bacula Enterprise vSphere Plugin.

Whitepaper Summary

  • Usage of VMware CBT (Changed Block Tracking) to save storage and network load
  • Online backups that are VADP-based
  • Quiescing VSS-based applications with VSS-based guest snapshots
  • Virtual machine backups at image-level backups via Full, Differential and Incremental
  • Restore of complete virtual machine image
  • vmdk files restored to an alternate directory
  • Support for SAN (FC/ISCSI) and TCP/IP VMware Datastore access

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