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Bacula Systems: A MySQL Enterprise Ready Partner

Bacula Systems: A MySQL Enterprise Ready Partner


Membership in the MySQL Enterprise Ready Partner program demonstrates to customers that Bacula Systems’ Enterprise Edition Backup and Restore platform have been tested for and are certified with MySQL, and are compliant with MySQL’s guidelines for interoperability.

Supporting MySQL, the Bacula Enterprise Backup and Recovery Platform is the only fully Open Core solution for networked backup, data recovery and verification of computer data, offering a ten times lower cost structure vs. proprietary systems, higher reliability and proven performance in mission-critical enterprise environments.

Bacula Enterprise’s Catalog services are comprised of the software programs responsible for maintaining the file indexes and volume databases for all files backed up. The Catalog services permit the system administrator or user to quickly locate and restore any desired file. The Catalog services sets Bacula apart from simple backup programs like tar and bru, because the catalog maintains a record of all Volumes used, all Jobs run, and all Files saved, permitting efficient restoration and Volume management. MySQL is a leading database used for and supported by Bacula, and enables quite a number of features, including rapid indexing, arbitrary queries, and security.