SOASI is a company created to offer services based on Free Software and Open Source Software (FLOSS) for the enterprise. Main activities at SOASI are the design, development and administration of information systems, with particular attention to areas that make use of information technologies and automation.

The use of FLOSS solutions offered to customers is a guarantee of reliability and cost, among the key points of SOASI’s offerings. The vast experience gained on heterogeneous computing systems (Linux, Windows, Unix) allow SOASI to offer highly customized and integrated solutions.

The main services offered by SOAS are the development of custom software and the design and implementation of Linux, Mac and / or Windows (even mixed) networks based on customer needs.

As for the networking SOASI favors systems based on Linux, with a broad set of solutions for mail servers, file servers, firewalls, fax servers, backup servers, network inventory, VPN, monitoring and control failures, Mobile Devices etc.

Regarding the design and development of software products, SOASI typically builds primarily with web interfaces; their ability to ensure adherence to standards can be used by different systems with maximum scalability and portability. SOASI designs databases and registries geared to the needs of the customer on open source DBMS, ensuring high reliability – while avoiding license costs to the customer.

Industry focus:

Financial, Industrial, Government,Telecommunications and Educational sectors.



Bacula Systems Partner Level:


Core competencies:

Mail servers, File Servers, Firewalls, Fax Servers, Backup Servers, Network Inventory, VPN, Monitoring and control failures, Mobile Device


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