DorTeg Networks specialize in Linux and Open Source, where it provides cost-effective solutions for Windows, Apple and Unix Networks.

Dorteg Networks was created in the fall of 2001. It is a fully black-owned ICT company with the main objectives of providing turn key Voice & Data solutions to SMEs using open source technologies . Its area of expertise includes ISP, data and voice networks, PBX, VOIP, and CALL CENTRE

There are three key reasons why one should consider Dorteg Networks as a potential ICT service and solution provider:

  1. Its solutions and services are open source based which is a very flexible platform in terms of deployment, customization and cost effectiveness.
  2. It partners with industry leading companies with sound Track records in their respective fields of activity to ensure that its customer always get the best that technology can offer to boost performance, increase  productivity and stay competitive.
  3. It keeps its knowledge of technology up to date by providing its staff with regular training seminars and workshops on current trends so that customers benefit from true expertise.

Industry focus:

Financial, Industrial, Government,Telecommunications and

Educational sectors.


South Africa

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+27 (0)11-615-4539 / (0) 11-615-3729

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