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Enterprise Backup Introductory Course

This introductory course provides course materials to college professors who wish to teach enterprise backup and data recovery approaches and techniques as part of their Linux/*nix curriculum.

This information and software combination provides all the material needed for a module that can be taught in one week of class time (roughly 2.5 hours maximum) and will provide an additional 4-6 hours of work outside the classroom, primarily in a hands-on lab environment.

The course provides you with everything you need:

  •  Teacher’s manual
  • A Coursework Guide PDF which contains the full student coursework plus answers to exercises, together with introductory notes on the course design, goals, and setup.
  • A slide show for presenting to class
  • The link and instructions to download and run the course software
  • Student materials, including a course manual that covers:
    “What is Backup”
    “Main Backup Principals”
    Overview of Control Console
    Overview of each configuration file
    References to Open Source manuals
  • A workbook that contains:
    Exercises for students
    Install bacula from packages (if not using Bacula Systems image)
    Modify a configuration file to add a new client
    Modify an existing Job
    Modify an existing Fileset
    Modify an existing Schedule
    Modify an existing disk storage device
    Request bconsole output from Job, relevant configuration files for grading Lab

Please register below to download all materials, and our Bacula Higher Education Team will contact you to check you have everything necessary to get started.