Bacula System’s Enterprise Edition data deduplication plugins offer unique and especially effective data compression techniques for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data. Benefits include reduction of bandwidth usage requirement & disk space optimization, and faster backup and restore processes. Virtual servers also benefit greatly from Bacula Enterprise deduplication because only changed blocks are stored between two full backups. For virtual machines deployed from a template, an even higher deduplication ratio is possible, because they share the same blocks at the beginning. Bacula Systems offers two different calculators – for two different data deduplication engines: 1: Global Endpoint Deduplication Calculator Global Endpoint Deduplication is an industry-leading technology, where Bacula Enterprise Edition analyzes data at the block level, then stores only new blocks and uses references in Bacula volumes to blocks that are stored in the Deduplication engine. While Bacula Systems’ Aligned Volume plugin (outlined below) relies on deduplicating a filesystem, Global Endpoint Deduplication plugin does not, and goes much further. This plugin enables Enterprise Edition not only to save storage space but also network bandwidth usage, which it achieves by only sending a File Daemon’s unknown blocks to the Storage Daemon. 

Global Endpoint Deduplication Calculator

Global Endpoint Deduplication is a new version 8 plugin feature that gives Bacula Enterprise a built-in, high performance deduplication engine. This plugin allows the administrator to enable deduplication on the client side (source deduplication) and/or on the storage side (storage deduplication). Because of Bacula Enterprise’s inbuilt communication line compression feature which is turned on by default; bandwidth, storage space and time are optimized even more.

2: Aligned Volume Format Deduplication This patented deduplication technology offers an alternate (additional) Volume format that is aligned on specific block boundaries. This allows an underlying filesystem that does deduplication to efficiently deduplicate the Bacula Enterprise Deduplication Optimized Volume format. Aligned Volume Format Deduplication is an effective solution for ZFS deduplication. 

Aligned Volume Format Calculator

In version 6, Bacula Systems introduced a new plugin to benefit from built-in deduplication features designed in filesystems like ZFS, BTRFS and others. This plugin asks the storage to “align” the blocks sent by the client. When deduplication is enabled on the storage, the Administrator will notice a higher deduplication ratio. When enabled, this plugin can save a lot of storage space.

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