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New Bacula Enterprise Edition 6

  • April 3, 2012
Bacula Enterprise Edition 6


High-End Features. Cost Effective.



Bacula Systems, the world's leading provider of commercial open source backup and restore software, today announced the general availability of Bacula Enterprise Edition 6. Bacula Enterprise Edition 6 brings to enterprises, data centers and managed service providers rich new features and enhancements.

Designed to safeguard today's rapidly evolving enterprise architectures, Bacula Enterprise Edition 6 delivers the high-end features IT departments need for physical, virtualized and cloud environments at a fraction of the cost of proprietary vendors.Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Bacula today.


The Enterprise Edition 6 adds the following high-end features:

  • Delta plugin: Using signature-based file difference, for backing up large binary files with unprecedented efficiency
  • SAN Shared Storage plugin: Optimizes and increases tape library usage by providing shared access to tape drives
  • Client-Free VMware plugin: Raw level backup via NBD or SAN, removes necessity to install a File Daemon on each guest. Leveraging VMWare's Changed Block Tracking, size of large backup sets are significantly reduced,easing load on drives and networks
  • Microsoft Exchange VSS plugin: Performs incremental backup and allows restore at the mailbox level
  • Microsoft SQL Server VSS plugin: Performs differential backup and allows restore at the database level
  • NDMP plugin: Enhanced to use Filer-to-Server through the NDMP protocol and adds support for additional NAS vendors

The core features set of Bacula Enterprise Edition has also been extended and updated:

  • Job Stop/Restart/Resume: increased flexibility when dealing with failed or large backup sets
  • Job bandwidth limitation: dynamically set the maximum throughput of a running Job
  • Support for Andrew FileSystem
  • LZO compression
  • Safer pruning algorithm - and more!

To know more about Bacula Enterprise Edition and its plugins, please visit our website or contact us

We, at Bacula Systems, are thrilled to release this new version and, as always, are dedicated to continue making sure your business data remains safe and uncompromised!

Best Regards,

Aristide Caraccio

VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing

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