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Enjoy our October Newsletter!

  • October 3, 2012, Rob Morrison
October 2012 Edition

Dear Bacula Professionals,

Summer is behind us now and I hope you had a great and enjoyable time!On our side, we at Bacula Systems decided to take advantage of the holiday period to work even more and deliver new plugins to meet your needs: the Incremental Accelerator for NetApp plugin and the PostgreSQL plugin! Based on my conversations with many of you, I know they will be much appreciated.

With Bacula Systems, both Enterprises and Managed Services Providers
have the opportunity to stop paying fortunes for their Backup & Restore software and they can finally break free of the vendor lock-in imposed by proprietary solutions. And, if you are a community user, do not hesitate to use our Selective Migration Plan to enjoy the exclusive features and plugins with Bacula Enterprise Edition version 6.

In this newsletter you can also read an interview of our Director of
Support. You will see how our renowned Support Service is getting even
closer to you!

Finally, our next training session will be held in November 13th-15th ; the venue being at our Headquarters, I would be delighted to meet you in person.

Enjoy the reading!

Frank Barker

Frank Barker,
CEO of Bacula Systems


Two new plugins to increase Bacula Enterprise power

After the release of the Oracle plugin this summer, Bacula Enterprise brings you even more possibilities with two additional plugins: the Incremental Accelerator for NetApp plugin and the PostgreSQL plugin. The combination of our plugins, based on your own infrastructure, increases the power of your Backup & Restore strategy.

The Incremental Accelerator for NetApp plugin provides an efficient way to create incremental and differential backups of NetApp filers with a very high number of files. It reduces the time required to find modified files. It uses NetApp functionality to locate modified files and allows convenient single file restore. The Incremental Accelerator for NetApp plugin is also featured, together with the NDMP plugin, in our NAS and SAN backup standalone solution: Bacula Enterprise NAS Backup Edition.

The PostgreSQL plugin is designed to simplify backup and restore procedures of your PostgreSQL clusters. Various solutions and strategies are available to the Bacula Enterprise administrator who is not required to learn about internals of PostgreSQL backup techniques or to write complex scripts. It supports both dump and Point In Time Recovery (PITR) backup techniques. In Point In Time Recovery (PITR) mode, the PostgreSQL plugin supports both incremental and differential backup. It automatically runs the backup of essential information such as configuration, users definition and tablespaces.

Selective Migration Plan

Bacula community users, take advantage of our Selective Migration Plan! If you are using Bacula community version in production and need Bacula Enterprise v6 exclusive features as well as its plugins, this plan is for you. With the Selective Migration Plan, enjoy the latest release of Bacula Enterprise Edition, 1 plugin of your choice, 1 day of remote consulting and seats in our training course at 50% discount. Contact us to take advantage of the Selective Migration Plan.

Bacula Enterprise for Managed Services Providers

More and more Managed Services Providers, Web & Servers Hosting companies or Cloud Providers choose Bacula Systems for their own backup needs or to offer backup online services to their customers. Bacula Enterprise and its family of plugins brings to their infrastructure a state-of-the-art solution, combined with reliability and scalability; they also greatly appreciate our pricing model featuring no extra cost for data volume or number of CPUs' per server. Contact us to know more about Bacula Enterprise for Managed Services Providers.

Next Training class in November

Our next Bacula Administration training class will be held 13th to 15th November 2012, at Bacula Systems headquarters in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. The Administrator I Training Course is designed to help new or existing administrators of Bacula (Community or Enterprise Edition) acquire the knowledge they need to install, configure and operate in a production environment quickly and effectively. Register now to secure your seat, this class is filling up quickly!

Interview with Ludovic Piquerez, Director of Support

Ludovic, as Bacula Systems new Director of Support, could you introduce your department?
Bacula Systems Support Department is dedicated to keep our customers' data safe and consistent for restore, responding to tickets in a timely
manner. In a certain way, the help we provide and our analysis both
reinforce the trust our customers have placed in their Bacula Enterprise's infrastructure. Support is a core department within Bacula Systems and as the Director of Support, I take part in the Management Team. What our customers report to us is reviewed by all senior managers, then discussed consequently. We appreciate to get feedback from our customers, giving our developers additional ideas for new features and helping us get better at supporting them every day.

What is the overall feedback from Bacula Enterprise users?

I am really impressed by the positive general feedback from our customers showing that our support is very reactive and indeed brings answers adding value to Bacula Enterprise. Similarly,

customers fully appreciate our analysis and our advices. They also like the stability and the flexibility of Bacula Enterprise, its admin tools and its plugins. Moreover, some customers ( with a Gold level subscription) take advantage of their direct relationship with our developers and consultants to assist with specific needs or to get complex issues resolved.

What are the improvements you implemented so far?
The support team implemented a completely new program to leverage our relationship with our customers: the Pro-Active Support Program. A support team member contacts each customer two to three times a year to check his Bacula technical configuration and to review his level of
satisfaction. Our main goals are to reassure the customer about his capacity to recover files, as well as to listen his feedback to anticipate problems or needs, through an interview and a technical
analysis. To sustain and to reinforce the quality of our support service, I have established procedures and set up monitoring tools to review our answers to customers' requests.

What are your future plans?
Our team's future plan is straightforward: to keep the current high level quality support and to further improve it. To do so, I need to isolate what makes us successful in order to reinforce it. Simultaneously, the new improvements must be stabilized. Thus, the Pro-Active Support
Program is already building a strong foundation for our customers' relationship.

I also organize regular internal support training sessions to upgrade our technical and soft skills. Our products feature various options to adapt to each customers' needs. For this reason, our support team must be highly qualified to specifically answer them, collecting the right technical information.

There is one news I would like to announce here: documentations for beginners will be released beginning of 2013. This will definitely help some of our customers to get easily accessible answers to solve some of the more simple usage questions.

Recovering data is our customers' main goal. The Support Department's mission is to help them do so without any undesired concern.

If you want to make a comment about this interview, do not hesitate to visit our blog. You may also contact Ludovic at www.baculasystems.com/contactus

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Rob Morrison is the marketing director at Bacula Systems. He started his IT marketing career with Silicon Graphics in Switzerland, performing strongly in various marketing management roles for almost 10 years. In the next 10 years Rob also held various marketing management positions in JBoss, Red Hat and Pentaho ensuring market share growth for these well-known companies. He is a graduate of Plymouth University and holds an Honours Digital Media and Communications degree, and completed an Overseas Studies Program.

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