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Bacula Training in France

  • December 15, 2017

The best backup and data recovery training courses - and in French language, too!

Admin II training takes place in Paris, 9th-12th of January.

Bacula Systems provides with its partner téïcée, special training for senior sys-admins who want to progress to the highest competence level with all things backup, recovery, and Bacula Enterprise Edition. This training is what is needed to become a true expert in the field, and it is called the Bacula Administrator II Training Course. The course is delivered in French language and is guranteed to start off your 'Bonne Année'!. Don't miss your chance and book now!

“Bacula Systems’ training courses are highly professional, insightful and exactly what a sys-admin needs to take him or her to the next level in understanding backup and recovery”
Asher Akhtar, Senior Data Protection Architect, Smithsonian Institution

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